Monday, December 8, 2008

Supported by Sasha, Carl Cox, Ivan Smagghe, Laurent Garnier, RoyalDance, Hernan Cattaneo, Satoshi Tomie, Desyn Masiello, Christian Smith, Valentino Kanzyany, Lee Burridge, Monika Kruse, John Selway and many more...

Hot on the heels of some serious chart topping action, blistering remix work and increasingly busy DJ commitments, Nils returns to the Dieb fold with his first solo outing on the label-and what a start it is!!! We decided to sign this seconds after receiving the demo and it has since gone on to earn some serious attention and support by many top DJ's and producers. The remix package is quite special too (if we do say so ourselves!), as we've drawn in some top talent to produce 2 different, fresh perspectives of an already excellent original!
Nils' original is a chugging, functional piece of deep, underground house music that is sure to work wonders on many a dancefloor the world over. With its bouncy, shuffling bass and cool, FX-ladden atmospherics, "Seduction" is a record that encompasses all the hallmarks of a great, contemporary house record: recognizable, innovative, subtle, with emphasis on the groove and capable or moving the dancefloor.
True to the Dieb format so far, we have called upon our good friend Patch Park, with a more upbeat, peak time interpretation suitable for those larger, more demanding dancefloor situations! With his usual finesse and undisputed production skills he's quickly becoming known for, he has created a monster of a mix-effectively utilizing many of the original parts and blending them with his signature fusion of high octane techno and tech house.

Completing the package in fine style, Darko Esser, with his "Temptress Remix”, takes us on a trippy, deep house excursion. Despite a minimal, stripped back approach to his arrangement, he uses the original's key hooks and elements to create his own arrangement and references while adding some seriously catchy and effective chordal harmonies that add an undeniable depth and emotion! Complete with staccato snare shots and swingy, big hi-hat rhythms, this remix is perfect for househeads and those looking for a deeper, more emotive interpretation.

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