Friday, July 31, 2009

Supported by Sasha, Tocadisco, Tiger Stripes, Laurent Garnier, Misstress Barbara, Mihalis Safras, Hernan Cattaneo, Deepchild, Guy J, Stephan Bodzin, Mark Knight, King Unique, Spooky, DJ Yellow, Jim Rivers, Kiki, Shinedoe, Sasse, Hybrid, Oliver Huntemann, Umek, Monika Kruse, Djuma Soundsystem, D Ramirez and many more...

Our next release “Relieve EP” comes from Darko Esser, owner of Wolfskuil Records and with releases on Josh Wink’s Ovum and DJ Yellow’s Pousezz! records. This EP contains two original tracks, “Relieve” and “Running Far Away” and two remixes. Regarding the originals, Darko delivers two tech house / melodic pieces of art. On the remix front, for the A side, we bring you Gregor Tresher, who needs no introduction. Gregor remixed “Relieve”, and by keeping it simple, he delivered a techno bomb for the dance floors. On the B side, Wollion, Sandrino & Adryan aka Lemon Popsicle, deliver an absolute emotive tech house remix of the original “Running Far Away”. Once again there is a wide variety of mixes on offer here, sure to find favor with a diverse spectrum of listener and/or DJ. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did crafting it!!!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Supported by Sasha, Gregor Tresher, James Zabiela, John Digweed, Monika Kruze, Ivan Smagghe, Laurent Garnier, Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Tiger Stripes, Anthony Pappa, Stephan Bodzin, Nick Warren, Chris Fortier, Dave Seaman, Terry Francis, D-NOX, Tiefschwarz, Umek, Pascal FEOS, Pig & Dan, John Selway, Mark Knight and many more...

We at Dieb Audio often pride ourselves on putting together top class, star studded packages and this, our latest from Mexican production outfit Royal Dance alongside studio partner Leo Leal, is no exception. In fact, we've considerably upped the ante and made it a fully international affair roping in a Brit and a Finn based in Berlin and an Armenian with Turkish roots currently subsiding in Canada to reinterpret the Central Americans' work. In simpler terms (and for those with less interest in the heritage and geographical whereabouts of our producers and remixers) we have King Roc, Sasse and Arthur Oskan contributing their inimitable studio expertise on our latest and greatest... There is a wide variety of mixes on offer here, sure to find favor with a diverse spectrum of listener and/or DJ-from the dense, intricate melodic excursions of the original, to the stripped down, atmospheric and haunting Sasse mix and from the Detroit-esque deep techiness of Arthur Oskan through to King Roc's new school tribal-tech workout!

Another lovingly and meticulously crafted Dieb Audio record-we hope you enjoy!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Supported by Sasha, Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Carl Cox, Nick Warren, Nikko Gibler, Pig & Dan, Sander Kleinenberg, Einmusik, Jeff Samuel, Dubfire, Mark Knight, Gel Abril and many more...

We are proud to present another of our "homegrown" releases, this time from label honcho and studio rat extraordinaire, John Dalagelis. Not content with being one of the main creative forces and brains behind the Dieb "opearation", John has found time to drop an absolute bomb of debut on the label here with an intricate, intelligent and very funky piece of modern electronic house that is sure to cause commotion on many a dancefloor, for wide variety of DJ.

In true Dieb fashion, we've gone all out on our selection of remixers once again, and first up is the inimitable Nacho Marco who brings his impeccable and renowned production skills on board to create an awesome deep house interpretation by layering the original chord stabs over an infectious bass groove.

Next up we've drafted in another of our German buddies, Harald Aufmuth, whom most will know as the always on form minimal/tech house hero Harada. His reputation for high quality studio productions (both original and remixed) has been well documented on a variety of many of the industry's top labels and they have been heavily supported by the world's top DJ's. In this instance, he creates a repetitive and hooky groove around the chord pattern, while engineering one of his signature, sparse-yet-functional rhythm arrangements.

Last, but not least by any stretch of the imagination, we have delivered a knockout of sorts, and polished off this release with a stunning, slightly more peaktime mix courtesy of legendary house hero, Ananda project. Having produced and remixed classic records, and having conquered underground dancefloors to mainstream airwaves Chris Brann (as he's less commonly known), joins the Dieb fold with a top notch house workout of the highest order.

A top quality package all in all, if we do say so ourselves. We are extremely lucky and happy to have attracted such a wide variety of talent to work on this release and hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed crafting it.



Friday, March 13, 2009

Supported by Sasha, Dave Seaman, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Satoshi Tomie, Hector Romero, Nikko Gibler, Valentino Kanzyany, Dave DK, Funkagenda, Anthony Pappa and many more...

Our first release for the new year comes from none other than producer extraordinaire and label regular, Florian Kruse. Picking up the deep and tech-y vibe where his (occasional) studio partner Nils nurnberg left off, we are proud to present this double A-side EP comprised of "Thrill" and "The Miracle".Both of these productions bear all the characteristic attention to melody and groove that Florian is quickly becoming known for while also keeping one eye firmly fixed on simple and effective dancefloor functionality!

First up on remix duties, Dave DK turns out a solid and inventive re-work of "The Miracle", utilizing the original's chords and stabs and working them into another of his signature productions. Already receiving some serious attention from a variety of DJ's this is sure to appeal to those who value true, deep and timeless electronic house music.

Completing the package in fine (German) style, we've pulled out all the stops and drafted Florian's older brother Vincenzo and his acclaimed studio partner Elmar Schubert for remix duties on "Thrill". Arguably one of the most beautiful and emotion-evoking productions in our catalogue, the guys have crafted a sparse yet sophisticated re-interpretation that is sure to cause a stir on many a soundsystem (and quite a few dancefloors) over the coming months!

So there you have it, Florian's first solo outing on the label and what a start it is!! With a little help from his friends (and family) Florian and we at Dieb are proud to present a truly original and fresh collection of productions and offer a small insight into what we have in store for you in 2009!