Monday, December 8, 2008

Supported by Sasha, Carl Cox, Ivan Smagghe, Laurent Garnier, RoyalDance, Hernan Cattaneo, Satoshi Tomie, Desyn Masiello, Christian Smith, Valentino Kanzyany, Lee Burridge, Monika Kruse, John Selway and many more...

Hot on the heels of some serious chart topping action, blistering remix work and increasingly busy DJ commitments, Nils returns to the Dieb fold with his first solo outing on the label-and what a start it is!!! We decided to sign this seconds after receiving the demo and it has since gone on to earn some serious attention and support by many top DJ's and producers. The remix package is quite special too (if we do say so ourselves!), as we've drawn in some top talent to produce 2 different, fresh perspectives of an already excellent original!
Nils' original is a chugging, functional piece of deep, underground house music that is sure to work wonders on many a dancefloor the world over. With its bouncy, shuffling bass and cool, FX-ladden atmospherics, "Seduction" is a record that encompasses all the hallmarks of a great, contemporary house record: recognizable, innovative, subtle, with emphasis on the groove and capable or moving the dancefloor.
True to the Dieb format so far, we have called upon our good friend Patch Park, with a more upbeat, peak time interpretation suitable for those larger, more demanding dancefloor situations! With his usual finesse and undisputed production skills he's quickly becoming known for, he has created a monster of a mix-effectively utilizing many of the original parts and blending them with his signature fusion of high octane techno and tech house.

Completing the package in fine style, Darko Esser, with his "Temptress Remix”, takes us on a trippy, deep house excursion. Despite a minimal, stripped back approach to his arrangement, he uses the original's key hooks and elements to create his own arrangement and references while adding some seriously catchy and effective chordal harmonies that add an undeniable depth and emotion! Complete with staccato snare shots and swingy, big hi-hat rhythms, this remix is perfect for househeads and those looking for a deeper, more emotive interpretation.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Supported by Sasha, Gregor Tresher, James Zabiela, Monika Kruze, Ivan Smagghe, Laurent Garnier, RoyalDance, Hernan Cattaneo, Wally Lopez, Anthony Pappa, Stephan Bodzin, Aldrin, Chris Fortier, Monika Kruse, Hector Romero and many more...

The fourth installment in Dieb Audio's release catalogue comes from label boss Stel. "Godthab" finds him blending rasping, funky acid lines with a haunting, heavily effected ethnic instrument all of which rest atop a tough, percussive rhythm section. Retaining all the production hallmarks and quality that characterize Stel's productions, this monster is sure to appeal to a wide variety of listeners and certainly those looking for fresh, underground, electronic music of the highest order.

First on the remix front we are proud to have the fresh new production duo of (Florian) Kruse & (Nils) Nürnberg. The boys from Hamburg have been quite prolific in the past few months with key releases and productions on labels such as OM, 8bit and Liebe Detail and here they bring their intelligent brand of deep tech-house to the Dieb family for the first time. Taking a different route to the other mixes on offer, they have created a very classy and sublime house interpretation that fuses funky chord stabs, tribal percussion and a firm focus on melody! Highly recommended for those with more deep and housey preferences!

Next up, we have drafted in the mighty Umek who ups the ante considerably and delivers an energetic, intelligent rework aimed straight at the dance floor. Retaining the original's key elements he structures and arranges his mix by building up the tension and anticipation which is eventually released by one of this year’s (soon to be) most memorable breakdown drops! As can be expected, the production here is flawless and Umek crafts a suspenseful and powerful mix that is destined to ignite many a dance floor the world over!

Last but definitely not least, Kriece rounds off the package with a characteristically funk-infused, swinging version which concentrates on the rhythmic potential of the original. Utilizing the acid lines and stabs of the original and layering them over his stomping rhythm section, his mix struts and swaggers in all the right ways while sucking the listener right into its infectious groove. As a producer Kriece needs almost no introduction, so with this mix one is guaranteed a versatile, expertly produced and functional interpretation of the original!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Supported by Tom Novy, Paul Hamill, Laurent Garnier, Troy Pierce, Timo Maas, Tiger Stripes, Behrouz, Danny Howells, Dave Spoon, Wally Lopez, Oscar G, Dave Dresden, Stephan Bodzin, Gregor Tresher, John Selway, Mazi, Hernan Cattaneo, Mistress Barbara, Desyn Masiello and many more...

Our next release comes from Australian tech house wonderkid, Deepchild. Dividing his time between his native Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, Rick (as he's also known) has spent the past several years forging a very respectable name on the international DJ circuit as a serious and versatile DJ and performer. Adding another dimension to his profile, he has also been responsible for some very unique and exciting production work on top labels such as Freerange and Get Physical amongst many others, so we are very excited and privileged to present you with this EP of his original works. Kicking things off we have "Donut Hound", a track that is already receiving lots of attention and support and has been featured on Hipp-e and Style of Eye's recent "OM Sessions" CD. All of Deepchild's production hallmarks are prevalent here, from his bouncy, funky basslines and swingy, shuffly hi hats to the quirky FX sounds that often accentuate his music.

On remix duties for this track, we have drafted in the mighty Tiger Stripes who turns in a stripped back, minimal techno interpretation. Utilizing the key elements of the original and with a keen focus on swing and groove, Tiger Stripes has created a simple yet powerful remix that is sure to find favor with a wide variety of DJ's and heat things up on the dancefloor!

On the flipside, Hipp-e treats us to a deep, tech-house excursion on his remix of "Twitch". Taking a completely different approach to Deepchild's twisted and glitchy original, he instead constructs his remix around a catchy and hypnotic arrangement of chords and melodies. The result is an excellent melodic journey with plenty of groove and rhythm that perfectly complements the package while remaining faithful to the original.

Last, but not least, label boss Stel steps up to the plate with his re-interpretation of "Spambot". His version remains close to the overall spirit of the package, serving up a fresh, underground slice of tech-house complete with techno-inspired chord stabs, fizzy rides and FX galore!

On the digital package, you will find 2 bonus tracks which are the Original versions of Deepchild’s “Twitch” and “Spambot”.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Supported by Danny Howells, Slam, Laurent Garnier, Chris Fortier, Desyn Masiello, Tiger Stripes, Florian Kruse, Funk D'Void, James Zabiela, Wally Lopez, Mauro Picotto, Christian Smith, Stephan Bodzin, Gregor Tresher, Sebasitan Ingrosso, Agoria, Hernan Cattaneo, Axwell, Jo Mills and many more...

Dieb Audio continues its mission to provide quality, futuristic electronic music with this undeniably cool and diverse package. Two artists that need little, to no introduction for those who follow cutting-edge house and techno- DJ Yellow and Perc.

While many will know DJ Yellow as the influential, original pioneer behind "Yellow Productions" (with longtime friend Bob Sinclair), and the acclaimed "Africanism" concept, DJ Yellow's sound and style has gradually evolved and moved towards a more techno-inspired, twisted and cerebral state of affairs. HIs recent output has been documented and enthusiastically received on labels such as SAW, Ovum, Slip 'n' Slide and many more. A producer that remains true to his goal to confound expectations, here on "Space Soon To Vanish" demonstrates his mastery of blending percussive, staccato rhythms with haunting, sustained tones that create a soundscape that builds, snakes, slides and freaks out in all the right places with it's dive-bombing horns, fizzy rides and offset grooves. Filled with urgency and expectation, this wonderfully layered tune is sure to find favour with any DJ that loves a dramatic peaktime techno record built on old-school foundations with a solid emphasis on groove.

"Under The Silence" again confirms Yellow is still an absolute master when he visits the deeper reaches of house. Sublime and again, brilliantly produced, this cut oozes the genuine warmth Yellow consistantly strives for in music like this. Straddling the fine line between successfully complementing the A-side, while also providing a standout production that remains faithful to the style of his "Mindz Kontrol Ultra" concept "Under the Silence" sees DJ Yellow effortlessly add further depth and substance to the package.

Perc has been on fire of late, releasing storming releases for esteemed labels such as Kompakt and Drumcode amongst many, many others. Here, he transforms Yellow's "Under The Silence" into 2 outstanding, mutilated drum excursions. This truly is futuristic percussive techno of the highest calibre. Perc's Yellow Fever Remix retains the house stabs of Yellow's original and proceeds to violate them creating the ultimate techno journey whilst his Green Dub forgoes these stabs and heads straight for the jugular with it's sliced 'n diced beats. An outstandingly inspired re-interpretation of the original that completes the package with style and class.

Supported by Carl Cox, Dubfire, John Digweed, Laurant Garnier, Dave Seaman, Umek, Sander Kleinenberg, DJ Yellow, Monika Kruse, Mark Knight, Danny Howells, Nick Warren, Timo Maas, Gregor Tresher, Roger Sanchez, Agoria and many more..

On his first release for Dieb, "Keep her Space" we find Jamie venturing into exciting, sci-fi techno territory, using hypnotic, intertwining analogue synth sequences and understated shuffling rhythms to create a building, tense monster of a track that has generated early support from DJ's such as Dave Seaman (who has included it on his latest Renaissance Master's CD) and Umek.

Smith and Selway arguably deliver the more "peak time" mixes here, as they strip the track down to its bare essentials, focusing primarily on dynamics and groove. The first “Mayhem Remix” is sure to cause exactly that on dancefloors and at festivals around the world for many months to come. Not since Josh Wink's Higher State Of Conciousness has a breakdown been constructed to such dramatic effect. Already given the double thumbs up from Dubfire, James Zabiela and Carl Cox, this stormer ticks all those “special moment” boxes. The "Control Mix" retains similar elements and sounds, while showing restraint in the drops and is more suitable for a more subtle and smooth set. This mix has already found favor with John Digweed and Anthony Pappa who have included it on their latest, respective CD releases!

Last, but definitely not least, Onionz provides and excellent, jacking house interpretation which adds another dimension to this package. Implementing old-school house stabs, a bouncing, funky bassline and thunderous, cracking tom fills, Onionz re-interprets the track in his own unique style while remaining faithful to Jamie's original vision.